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Firepan, Fire Resistant GRP Sheets

Fire Resistant GRP Sheets Fire Resistant GRP Sheets Polser

All businesses, including fire, all buildings, open and closed areas, are a deadly threat that may arise at any time for facilities. In particular, plants that have to work with flammable materials, chemical processing plants, enterprises with high electricity consumption are at greater risk. Irregular electrical wiring, old electrical boards, a small carelessness, a non-extinguishing cigarette and so on. When combined with flammable, immediately flammable chemicals, this risk can turn into a real catastrophe.

The fire always starts as a small flame. And the elements that make it easier to spread the flame on the road, if there are flammable substances, can only wrap up the whole building or facility in minutes. The fire can come off at any time, for any reason. Of course this is the measure that should first avoid fire prevention. However, the building materials used inside and outside of the building should not allow the fire to grow and the formation of heavy smoke, even if a fire occurs. In terms of safety of life and property, the use of sparks, flame, fire-resistant materials is one of the principles that should not be neglected in the design and construction of the facility.

The fire and flame-resistant material production has always been a great research area because of a fatal danger like fire. FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) panels and sheets can be produced with hundreds of fiber, polymer, resin and process combinations, although they are not FRP panels, sheets or exactly as they are known in the sector.

Fire Resistant Walls, Doors, Roofs, Coating Materials

Polser company is one of the world leaders in the sector with its production capacity, number of countries it exports, R & D studies on FRP and many patents it has approved from around the world.

He has realized many works in the development of flame resistant building materials.

Firepan slabs and panels were the result of these works.

Firepan GRP sheets are FRP composite building material which is produced as flame resistant building materials and flame resistant coating material.

Fireproof Coating and Material

The production of Polser Firepan FRP Sheets (Glass Reinforced Plastic Sheets) is a FRP composite building material which has been made into fire resistant building material with suitable combinations. BS3d0 (EN 13501) certified. With this certificate, the product has been approved for 20 minutes.

Firepan GRP sheets can be produced in Polser's continuous production lines as both corrugated and flat sheets without compromising high quality standards.

If we list the advantages of Firepan Sheets;

It is much lighter than metal, stone and cement used as flame resistant material. It can be easily mounted on composite materials or wood and metal surfaces produced by pultrusion method.

Like metal counterparts. Resistance to corrosion and chemical effects is very high.

On-site applications are more easily processed and assembled than their counterparts.

They can be machined according to requirements and dimensions since they can be machined with the dimensions previously given by CNC. In this way, they provide great convenience in the last institution. It can be installed even with hand tools.
GRP sheets have low water absorption, high moisture resistance.

They can resist environmental conditions like the first day even after years.

Firepan GRP sheets are high temperature resistant, non-flammable product. Wall covering material is suitable as a roofing material not only for fire hazards but also for enterprises that have to work with high temperatures.

Firepan is also resistant to stain. Suitable for sanitation procedures. Residues such as food residues and cleaning agents can be easily removed from the surface.

It is hygienic. Another product of Polser can be coated with AMB. In this way, 99.9% antimicrobial hygienic panels can become.

Areas of use are very diverse. It is the most suitable product for enterprises such as chemical processing plants, food processing plants, cooling towers, oil enterprises, platforms, commercial kitchens, laboratories, mining facilities.

In addition, they are used in fire-resistant door production, as fire-resistant exterior cladding applications or as fire-resistant materials for high-rise buildings.

Fireproof GRP Composite Material

Firepan GRP sheets are the ideal solution for business owners, especially those who want to take precautions against fire or fire risk. It can be used as a fireproofing material on both inner and outer surfaces of all buildings and can be used as a roofing material.

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