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FRP Coating

FRP Coating FRP Coating Polser

If you have a material such as a FRP composite, you have an excellent cladding, roofing component.

GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer or Plastic) contains hundreds of glass fibers, polymers and processing options. This versatility gives the composite material the characteristics that make it unique, which is not in the construction materials previously used.

On the other hand, it is often difficult to decide which fiber, resin and process are best for a particular application. Glass fiber reinforced polymer coating materials are strong, durable and lightweight, and have many advantages over stone, bronze, steel and other traditional materials. The ability of sheets to be economically molded in complex shapes also offers other unique advantages.

This coating material has given designers a whole new and unprecedented freedom after material restrictions they have experienced for centuries. For this reason, it is considered to be one of the most modern building materials.

Advantages of GRP Coating

As the designers experience closely, GRP can be more easily and easily shaped than all other coating materials. The desired texture can be given to each surface of each panel in a building. In addition, combining these panels creates very striking curved, flat or 3D design covering patterns on building facades. Mostly this material, due to its light structure, significantly reduces the weight per square meter of the façade. This makes this material the focal material of the structure for designers who are in engineering constraints. Panels can be mounted vertically or horizontally and are most often used in conjunction with concealed carrier systems.

They are used in all building surfaces that come to mind in the construction sector.

It is also the star material of a sector that needs to struggle with environmental conditions such as cooling towers. In addition to their aesthetic appearance, they are preferred because of their superior resistance to heat changes, wind and corrosion. Their resistance to thermal shocks is excellent. They can withstand the shocks, breakage and vibrations for many years as they did the first day. Even after many years, they can still remain the same as the first day. They can also be disassembled and replaced if necessary. This makes the GRP composite coating the main building material of the cooling tower designs as well as the surfaces where all facade cladding is required.

The boards can be used as a stand-alone set of wall cladding materials, or they can be easily mounted on gypsum board. It is possible to construct any thickness wall with these sandwich panels which are formed by layer layer by means of insulating materials. The panels formed compete very well with the environmental conditions. The building material used as the final surface coating of composite sandwich panels is always fiber-reinforced polymers.

FRP as roofing material

The most preferred sections of panels and panels are roofs. Flat plates are preferred for wall coverings but can also be used for roof coverings. However, the roof coverings are now grooved with the eye familiarity of everyone. Corrugated GRP is the most intensive roofing material to be used due to its shape as roofing material. It spreads the weight build up on the entire surface in appropriate proportions. Allows fluid flow to be directed to the desired areas. Corrugated GRP panels with these features are among the most preferred roofing materials.

Whether it is corrugated, trapezoidal or plain GRP sheets, it is easily used on an insulation material.
Another good reason for optimizing fiber-reinforced polymer materials as roof coverings is that they can pass very well. These composite polymer panels can light up almost the glass and the light transmittance can be adjusted at the desired rate.

With this feature, the desired brightness and color into the building is provided to enter the light.

Waterproof roofs and moisture, corrosion, rust resistant walls can be easily formed by creating sandwich panels.

Especially steel construction materials are frequently used as top surface coating to protect against moisture, rust and corrosion.

Facade cladding boards are also used as fire resistant panels.

For example, the production of POLSER FIREPAN, 20 minutes of fire-resistance tests, the most outstanding test centers have passed many times, easily approved, is a great product.

Another advantage is that all panels can be prepared according to the designs according to the designs determined in the production facilities. Building architects and engineers can also make the installation planning months beforehand according to these special sectors.

In this way, the installation plan can be done to reduce the construction of a building's facade cladding will be completed without error.

As another good feature, these veneer panels are materials that can be easily assembled with simple hand tools, even if they show strong resistance to environmental conditions.

Polser Inc. FRP Coating Products

Glass fiber reinforced coating products are manufactured in the modern production facilities of POLSER A.S.

POLSER A.S for coating materials is one of the world's leading manufacturers. POLSER A.S. it is not just a manufacturer.

POLSER Inc., glass fiber reinforced and fiber reinforced plastic sheets for the world has many patents approved.

Finally, POLSER A.S can make hygienic panels and panels produced with POLSER AMB product produced by using nanotechnology. With this product, POLSER A.S. has moved its product range to the next stage.
Produced with nanotechnology, POLSER AMB makes all POLSER GRP coating panels a hygienic panel without using any chemical compound until 99.9%. And toxicity and carcinogenic substances do not occur during the life of the panels. They serve as antimicrobial surface for many years.

Such new generation products as well as any desired length, width, color, thickness, texture and properties as well as panels and sheets can be produced easily in the production lines of POLSER A.S.

POLSER panels and boards produced by R & D works and superior production facilities are used with excellent efficiency to serve for many years, from the roof covering of the buildings to all visible, invisible facade cladding.

POLSER A.S. product panels and plates, buildings, buildings, exterior and interior designs of all kinds of architectural, insulation, hygiene and security requests and instructions easily provided with endless possibilities to be produced, today's and future's wonderful building covering materials.

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