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Glass Reinforced Plastics (GRP) for Roofing

GRP, continues to affect our lives more and more every day. Glass reinforced sheets, many people know the product as fiberglass sheets.

After considering the first use of roofing material, we started to see this composite material in many different areas of use. GRP is now used extensively in all areas of our life, from architect to automotive.

The first use of GRPs started on the roof of buildings. This successful material, roofing materials, which is the starting point of replacing the roofing materials, did not carry many disadvantages of products such as tile, concrete, steel.

The biggest disadvantage of roofing materials such as tiles and concrete has been the weight. The fact that the buildings are more and more floors with each passing day caused the burden that they put on their floors to increase more. This led to the fact that each brick added to the building became more important to the overall weight of each steel construction

Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) roofing panels are much thinner than roofing components such as tile, concrete and steel. Despite this lightness, the GRP is a real lifting sportsman. Many of the factors that come from the outside world are the same as the counterparts. In fact, according to the products we can call the previous generation, many effects respond much more successfully.

What do you want from a roofing material?

The first anticipation from a roof element is to protect the interior of the building from weather events taking place outside. Whether it is rain, dense snow or even heavy oil, the roofing material must be resistant to these rains and not permeable. He should be able to isolate the building from these factors. Any permeability is unacceptable. The insulation should be perfect.

Fiberglass materials are the most successful material in the insulation phase, as compared to other products they are replacing. It is not easily broken by weight increase and mechanical effects like tile. Does not cause fear of rust like steel. It does not need continuous auxiliary coating materials in isolation against water such as concrete.

The glass-reinforced materials are durable and flexible, so they can withstand the weight and mechanical effects. Of course they do not cause fear of rusting. It is not as heavy as concrete and much more resistant to chemical corrosion.

The content of glass reinforced plastic materials can be adjusted or preferred depending on the density, density, position of the roof, and the like. This means endless possession of the product. The contents, like their counterparts, do not change.

Among the many properties that his deputies can not do are among the natural characteristics of the material. Especially the ability to adjust the light permeability has been great news for architects. This feature does not exist in any other roofing material.

While architects can create a sun-drenched design inside the building, they can also protect the inside of the building from external factors.

GRP Sheets for Roofing

However, the GRP can be produced in any desired curvature. It is not only plain boring designs for the roofers, but also the dome, pyramid or roof design,

Fiberglass roofing is also on the floor of the counterparts in the form that this material known as roofing is.

Of course, each GRP sheet production is not one. GRP sheet production is a material that needs expertise and should be produced in production facilities which require high quality standards. Every GRP material from the factory has to meet the quality standards set for it.

This is also the most important feature of this material.

Because the production is sensitive, in factories where production facilities are inadequate, there can be differences even among every batch material produced.

For this reason, Polser  is one of the world's leading companies in the production of roofing sheets. Exports to more than 70 countries.

At this level, he has succeeded in increasing production capacity and production quality every year.

The GRP sheet is also unrivaled in shaping. This is indebted to the R & D facilities.

Polser. Inc. R & D studies and also has many world-approved patents on GRP sheets and panellas.

GRP production, which is started as roofing with GRP panels, thanks to its high material quality, has now carried many more sectors.

Polser produce GRP sheets and panels from automotive,to healthcare sector for many fields.

You can consult with Polser  for information about the more preferred and known GRP sheets.

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