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Hygienic GRP Panel

Hygienic Panel Hygienic Panel Polser

Polser provides you with an innovative production concept in hygienic panel production, enabling you to create areas that require continuous hygiene.
Not only in one case, but with Polser AMB (Antimicrobial) surface coatings, it can turn many Polser panel products like Decoser, Isoboard and Granitron products into full hygienic panel surfaces.
Polser AMB refers to polymer-based antimicrobial hygiene technology that can be applied to many products produced by Polser.
Polser AMB is the latest technology that allows panels to be turned into hygiene panels by destroying 99.999% of viruses, bacteria, algae, molds and fungi in a wide spectrum.
Polser AMB, European Union, Turkey Biocidal Products Directive and the Regulation of the Ministry of Health registered and approved by the Biocidal Products Directive is technology.
It destroys micros in the wide spectrum.
Polser AMB antimicrobial protection is a barrier between the panel and the contact surface without permanent, mediochemistry, allowing surface-contacting microorganisms to be physically destroyed without permitting adaptation and mutation on the panel.
With the Polser AMB Hygienic panel application, the surfaces will provide the material to form a continuous hygiene chain in the application areas.

Polser AMB Hygienic Panel Application Areas

Hygienic panels made with Polser AMB application are used safely to create ultra clean rooms even in sensitive areas such as operating rooms, intensive care units, newborn units that can not compromise hygienic harmful microorganisms even at the lowest level, especially in the areas where full hygiene chain is required.
In addition, Polser AMB Hygienic panel is applied together with other Polser products in other health centers, hospitals, policlinics, dental clinics, waiting rooms, entrance rooms and personnel areas, so both visual and useful clean rooms and rooms can be created with this hygiene panel.
The areas of use of sanitary panels are not limited to the health sector alone. Especially in the food sector, Panels with Polser AMB are preferred. Polser AMB hygiene plates and panels are used safely in dairy production facilities which are prone to contain microbes and bacteria in production facilities.
In the agriculture and livestock sector, milk parlors and milk collection centers are also preferred in animal care and health fields.
Polser AMB does not affect the external appearance and other performances of the product without applying it to the applied products.
The finished product is a product that does not lose its hygienic panel structure during assembly and ready to apply and is absolutely non-toxic to other living things until the end of its installation and service life.
Hygienic panels with Polser AMB are also very easy to clean and maintain. Only standard cleaning methods are sufficient.




Mold, fungus and germ resistance



It destroys micros at the moment of contact.



Reduces the possibility of cross contamination.



Reduces the possibility of microbial transfer by air.



Provides broad spectrum protection against all known bacteria, germs, molds, fungi, algae and viruses.



The antimicrobial effect is permanent.



The microspheres remain on the surface and multiply until the surface is cleaned or disinfected.



Other boards and panels sold with the assumption that they are hygienic in the market, or products with only plain surface, or products containing high toxic components with potentially harmful health effects such as heavy metals, free radicals and PCBs.

These materials lose their effect over time as they provide medicinal chemistry to create antimicrobial effect.

Because of this, bacteria, microorganisms, microorganisms have the possibility of reproduction and reproduction on the surface of the panel together with disappearance of antimicrobial and hygiene effect on the surface.

Polser can produce many products of its own, Polser AMB including composite plate profiles such as Decoser and Frigoser.

How Does Polser Provide Hygiene in AMB Panels?

The active antimicrobial polymer in the products used for POLSER AMB Hygienic panels forms an inseparable part of the nanoscale material by forming a colorless, odorless, positively charged surface on the applied surface.

This resulting antimicrobial surface can be likened to electrically charged spears. When a microorganism comes into contact with the applied POLSER AMB Hygienic panels, it breaks the microorganism by electric charge by piercing the C-18 molecular cell membrane in the lance structure. Since there is no chemical transfer to the dead cell during this process, the antimicrobial property does not lose its effect and the spear structure destroys the next cell with the same efficiency.

Polser AMB Hygiene Panels Key Features

The Polser AMB Hygienic panels provides the highest level of hygiene in any environment where the person is.

Broad spectrum antimicrobial effect.

Bacteria and microbes are also effective at 99.9%.

There is no side effect on the applied panel surface.

It is environmentally friendly.

It does not release any chemicals to the environment.

Water based. It dissolves in nature for many years.

It is resistant to organic solvents.

It is resistant to strong acids and bases.

It does not release substances in water, salt and sweet solutions.

It is resistant to heat up to 257 °C.

Reduce the degradation times of the produced foods in the environment.

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