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Hygienic GRP Panel Usage Areas

Hygienic GRP Panel Usage Areas Hygienic GRP Panel Usage Areas

Polser has brought an innovative perspective to Hygienic Panel production.

We have not limited hygienic panel production with only one product. With Polser AMB technology, 99,999% of the registered trademark products such as Decoser, Isoboard and Granitron GRP can be used as indoor antimicrobial hygienic panels.

This practice is a real revolution with no chemicals being used. With the new generation nano technology Polser AMB application, every room that needs hygiene is enclosed in every area hygiene chain.

Nanotechnology in GRP Panels

Polser AMB's spear-resistant nanoparticles penetrate cell membranes, including micro-organisms that are dozens of times smaller than bacteria, such as viruses, to eliminate them in the process of holding into the surface.

The cell is drilled and damaged, and the microorganism is destroyed on the surface without the possibility of proliferation on the surface.

This process can take several decades since no chemicals are transferred to the cell during the process.

Nanoparticles actively serve for many years without being harmed by standard cleaning agents and processes.

The hygienic panels created with Polser AMB are a hundred percent solution GRP panels with no toxic chemical release, especially for the health sector.

Operating theater, intensive care, neonatal rooms, such as antimicrobial no organism can not be compromised even in areas can be confidently applied.

You can create clean rooms for a long time because it does not contain the least toxic material.

Polser AMB GRP Hygienic Panel, Perfect Hygiene Chain

The nanoparticles in the hygienic GRP panels made with Polser AMB technology are not chemically and there is no possibility of releasing allergen.

Polser AMB applied GRP panels are also successful in the health sector, in the intensive use open areas, in the rooms such as the waiting rooms, the entrance halls, the personnel rooms, the scale and the crowd, and they can not be compared with the chemically based hygienic panels.

Polser AMB is a reliable technology, although hygiene must be absolute but very difficult to achieve and is proven to be successful in the agricultural and livestock sector as well.

Even in difficult conditions where animals such as animal shelters are constantly in contact with microorganisms, they do their duty perfectly.

Especially in the dairy sector, production of the entire production area with Polser AMB products will ensure that you can guarantee the hygiene chain at the beginning of the production.

Use your choice of Polser AMB products for uninterrupted hygienic and healthy clean rooms.

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