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What is GRP Panel?

What is GRP Panel? What is GRP Panel? Polser

Glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) is a composite construction material obtained as a result of combining the unsaturated polyester based resin used as a binder with glass fiber.

Glass Fiber is a high, flexible material, especially its heat resistance. Plastic, on the other hand, is a material that is flexible but can not have sufficient mechanical strength. When these two materials are combined with polyster based resin by using different molding techniques from simple molding techniques to complicated molding techniques, a new generation of composite building material with high mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance which we give to GRP is obtained.

This new generation of engineering supplies the chemical resistance of polylactic-based resins called orthophtalic, isophthalic or bisphenolics.

Modern composite GRP

GRP panel construction is a composite material requiring high technical knowledge and production standards

Glass fibers produced from raw materials such as sand, limestone, alumina, kaolin, colemanite are ground very thinly. It is mixed exactly to fit together.

Then, in a 1600 degree high production furnace, a liquid glass melt is formed. Platinum is produced at high speed with rhodium alloy shells as fiber coils of 10-25 microns in diameter.

GRP, the main material (glass fiber) and the intermediate binder material and the molding of the polyester resin material is the final stage.

The main merge is to properly wet the glass fiber with resin. Polyester resin is polymerized by chemical reaction and becomes a hard, non-perishable material. After dryness, this new material takes the shape of the mold it is in.

Now the new engineering material with the mechanical strength of the glass fiber and the flexibility of the plastic is ready. The physical strength of this new material depends on the orientation, density and distribution of the glass fiber

The next step is adding Polser GRP to many new features.

What is Hygienic GRP Panel?

The most important feature is that these panels are made 99.99% hygienic panel with Polser AMB technology.

In summary, CTP Panels / Plates, which are new generation building materials, are designed to meet the needs of indoor and outdoor buildings where maximum efficiency is required with minimal maintenance. Polser AMB application, which is also a Polser high technology when necessary, is a 99.99% antimicrobial hygienic panel.

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