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How do Antimicrobial Agents Kill Bacteria?

Antimicrobial agents kill bacteria by different methods depending on the type of bacteria. Most antiseptics and disinfectants kill bacteria immediately by causing the bacterial cell to explode or are known as bacterial conjugation by consuming bacterial resources by preventing the multiplication of bacteria. Antimicrobial polymers kill bacteria by this first step, which is carried out in a series of steps. First, the polymer should be adsorbed on the bacterial cell wall. Most bacterial surfaces are negatively charged, so the adsorption of polymeric cations has proven to be more effective than the adsorption of polymeric anions. The antimicrobial agent should then be spread across the cell wall and adsorbed onto the cytoplasmic membrane. Adsorption is better achieved by antimicrobial polymers while small molecule antimicrobial agents are perfected in the diffusion step because they have a low molecular weight. The deterioration of the cytoplasmic membrane and subsequent leakage of the cytoplasmic components leads to the death of the cell.



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