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The brand name “SERALAM” stands for the high quality, translucent, FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) trapezoidal, corrugated or flat glazings that are produced by POLSER Composite Materials Corporation in its continuous lamination line that has an annual capacity of 7,000,000 sq. mt. These products that are produced in Polser’s modern production lines in its 8,000 sq. mt. facility in Izmir Ataturk Industrial Zone reach Polser’s customers all throughout the world as well as in Turkey. The quality of Polser’s products have been confirmed by its numerous domestic and foreign customers as well as ISO 9001 : 2008 and TS-EN 1013-2 Quality Certificate.


Thanks to its film coated or gelcoated surface:

  • The agricultural productivity in Seralam greenhouses is superior to other greenhouses that are constructed using other products.
  • Seralam creates minimal amount of shading with a high translucency factor of 95%.
  • Seralam’s low thermal conductivity minimizes energy costs compared to substitutes.
  • The UV additive in its make, blocks the harmful arrays of UV.
  • Seralam is highly durable at a very wide range of operating temperatures (-40°C - +130°C).
  • Seralam glazings are very durable against corrosive agents.
  • Seralam glazings are hygienic and do not let growth of microorganisms.
  • Seralam glazings do not emit toxic materials throughout their operating life.
  • Seralam glazings are easily cleaned, they do not rust or corrode.
  • They can be used nearby power transmission lines due to their low electrical conductivity.
  • Seralam greenhouses have longer life span compared to nylon covered greenhouses.
  • Seralam greenhouses require a lower cost steel frame/structure.
  • Seralam greenhouses are resilient against hail attacks.
  • If necessary, the supporting frame can also be made out of FRP profiles making the whole greenhouse made out of FRP products.
  • Since Seralam glazings are anti-corrosive, they do not create rust or stain. As a result the harvest does not get contaminated.
  • Seralam greenhouses are more durable against wind load compared to other greenhouses.
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