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Poltech Poltech Polser A.Ş.

Polser Transparent Roofing Covering San. And Tic. Has been operating in its modern facilities established on an area of 8.000m2 in İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone since 1986. Polser A.Ş. has documented its quality with ISO 9001-2008 quality certificate. PolTech CTP offers precise solutions to corrosion problems with high performance composite materials.

PolTech CTP pultrusion profiles are an alternative to conventional structural elements in many construction applications due to their superior properties such as high strength, chemical resistance, thermal and electrical insulation. In addition to standard profiles such as angle, U, I, can, project-based special profiles are also produced.

Polgrate gratings are high strength glass fiber reinforced gratings with chemical resistance used in industrial and decorative applications. Polgrate gratings consist of glass fibers and thermoset resin formulations. Standard Polgrate gratings are produced based on isophthalic polyester resin. Depending on the requirements, different chemical properties are produced according to the usage conditions (vinilester, alevileridz, etc.).

Polrail CTP handrails, platforms and walkways have far superior features than metal handrails. Polrail CTP handrails, manufactured using extruded profiles, are used safely in chemical plants, purification plants, scaffolds, refineries and similar sectors where corrosion is a problem.

PolTech CTP cable carriers have far superior properties than metal cable carriers. GRP cable carriers do not conduct electricity and are used for many years without rust and maintenance problems.

Stairs are produced in 3 different types; Type A, sliding and sailing stairs (safety ladders).

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