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Aeroplan Aeroplan Polser A.Ş.

AEROPLAN, Polser, FRP, GRP, Glass Fiber Additive Panels, multi-layer, multi-high quality wall panels. AEROPLAN, FRP products, products from modern production lines of POLSER Composite Materials Corporation's 8,000 m2 plant located in İzmir Atatürk Industrial Zone meet with customers all over the world and in Turkey.

POLSER Composite Materials Corporation The quality of our products is not only determined by our customers but also by the most prestigious international testing institutions in accordance with EN 1013-2 European Quality Certificate and Turkish Standards Institute T.S.E. Also certified by.

POLSER Composite Materials Corporation Intensive R & D studies and the latest technological developments in the field of FRP materials provide the most innovative products to the customers with the continuous technical staff.

AEROPLAN panels are composed of two outer GRP / FRP layers and PMMA interlayers between which are excellent in heat and sound insulation, forming multiple walls. The GRP / FRP layers of the outer coatings of the product have high mechanical abrasion resistance and UV resistance to ensure a long service life.

AEROPLAN General Features;

    Light weight
High light transmission rate (up to 78%)
High resistance to general corrosion
Low heat transfer coefficient (U)
Low UV transmittance, (0 to 380 nm)
Low solar energy permeability (8g-value 42%)
Broad temperature service interval (-40C to 120C)
Class E, in case of fire (without halogen)
10 year high warranty

AEROPLAN Product Advantages;

    Low weight
High transparency
Individual design options
Colour options
Very good insulation properties
High clearances
Decorative surface patterns

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