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Armorpan Armorpan Polser A.Ş.

Armorpan panels could be produced in FS>25 ASTM E84 ( ST ) and FS<25 ASTM E84 ( FR ) fire rating.

Armorpan panels could be produced with a camouflage weathering surface.

Armorpan panels could be produced in RAL colors upon request.

Armorpan panels could be produced with glow in dark ( GID ) property to create security shadow walls.

Standart Sizes;

  • 1220 mm x 2440 mm
  • 1220 mm x 3050 mm

Reasons For Choosing Armorpan;

  • Armorpan panels provide ultimate protection against bullets and blast fragments.
  • Armorpan panels are high corrosion resistant and rust free products.
  • Armorpan panels could be concealed behind a drywall or woodwork of walls, lecterns, desks and counters.
  • Armorpan panels could be incorporated with bulletproof door and window systems.
  • Armorpan panels does not contain any harmfull or toxic materials, no formaldeyhde.
  • Armorpan panels could be incorporated with bulleproof fencing systems.

armorpan pro

Typical Applications;

  • Military Transport Vehicles For Personel and/or Ammunition
  • Military Baracks and Military Security Gates
  • Target Ranges
  • Navy Vessels and Coast Guard Ships
  • Private Yachts
  • Temporary or Mobile Bullet Proof Shield Applications for Law Enforcement Bodies
  • Fencing of Strategic and Critical Public Utilities Such as Power Grids, Power Plants, Strategic and Sensitive Industrial Plants
  • Banks and Foreign Money Exchange Offices
  • 24 Hour Nonstop Shops and Fuel Oil Stations
  • Data Centers
  • Courthouses / Court Rooms
  • Law Enforcement Stations
  • Embassies & Consulates
  • Public Safety Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Panic Rooms
  • VIP Hotel Rooms
  • Offices Clinics

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