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DURAPAN ® GRP Roof Panels are designed to protect the places used against a lot of influences, especially the quality of POLSER Composite Materials Corporation which is proven with many different chemicals and strengths, high fire safety, mechanical resistance to physical effects and many quality tests. It is one of the innovative roofing products of POLSER.


Product Description: Isolite JUV ST GRP PU
Panel Profile: Code 324420 35/1000 T4
Nominal Thickness: Upper layer 1.8 mm / Lower layer 1.8 mm
Insulation type: Polyurethane foam
Weight: 8.40 Kg / m2
Surface coating: top surface coated with ISO NPG gelcoat
Polyester resin type: Orthophtalic
Fire class: Ds2d0 EN 13501
Glass fiber content: 27%

Chemical Resistance:

Acetic Acid 5%, 25 [deg.] C.
Hydrochloric acid, 10%, 30 [deg.] C.
Nitric acid 10%, 30 ° C
Sulfuric Acid 30%, 50 [deg.] C.
Ethyl alcohol 25%, 25 [deg.] C.
Sea Water, 40 ° C
Silicone Oil, 55 ° C
Stearic Acid, 40 [deg.] C.
Chlorine, Gas, 50 ° C
Carbon monoxide, Gas 55 ° C
Benzoic Acid saturated water solution is added at 40 ° C
Sodium chloride water solution, 40 [deg.] C.

Tensile Strength: 61,2 N / mm2 ASTM D5083
Flexural modulus: 6000 N / mm2 Flexura L Strength: 230 N / mm2 ASTM D 790M
Water absorption (by weight): 0.4%
Barcol Hardness:> 40
Service temperature: - 400C - 1200 C

Durapan Products (TS EN 13501 fireproof standard)
Durapan ST ES3d0 PUR 40 mm Durapan FR CS3d0 PIR 40 mm
Durapan ST ES3d0 PUR 50 mm Durapan FR CS3d0 PIR 50 mm

Durapan Profile Tiers

4 Hadve 35/1000
5 Hadve 32/1000

Product Structure

Top and bottom surface Diamond Shield high UV resistance
Upper and lower plate mesh fiber reinforced high mechanical strength feature.
PU / PIR insulation density is 40 gr / cm3.

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