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Kamuflam Kamuflam Polser FRP

KAMUFLAM® CAMOUFLAGE ROOFING & CLADDING PANELS glassfibre reinforced polyester ( GRP ) panels have been developed by POLSER Composite Materials Corporation of Cınar Group as a superior roofing and cladding panel for military uses. POLSER Composite Materials Corporation has been producing innovative roofing products since its establisment in 1986. POLSER Composite Materials Corporation has a patent on KAMUFLAM® panels and it is being produced at our 8.000 sqm of modern production premises which are located at İzmir Atatürk Industrial Estate.


  • It has an embedded camouflage pattern It does not need to be painted.
  • Does not rust, rot and corrode.
  • Does not require maintanence.
  • Lighter than metal and asbestos sheets. Saves on the cost of heavier metal structures.
  •  Easy to assemble, saves on the cost of labor.
  • It is flexible does not deform.
  • It has a superior mechanical strength thanks to its composite glasfibre reinforced structure. 
  • The special surface coating on the outer surface provides a superb protection against the degrading effect of UV. The color of the panel does not change at all. The intense and long lasting UV con test indicate that the color changes are not noticeable with bare eye.
  • The outer surface of the panels might be produced as non reflecting ( mat) .
  • It does not consist of asbestos and other cancerogenous raw materials.
  • The service life of the panel is approximately 15 years. 
  • In case of an explosion unlike the asbestos or metal sheets it does not create a shrapnel effect, it is just torn. 
  • It is possible to produce the panel in any military pattern..( Snow type, sahara type, etc..


  •   Roofing and cladding of military silos and warehouses. 
  •   Modular military buildings. ( Toilets, shower, laundaries , shelters , barracks, etc.)  
  •   Garages 
  •   Any other building where there is a need to camouflage 
  •   Military vehicle bodies.
  •   Roofing and cladding of barracks for the hunters
Profiles : Panels might be produced at the required corrugated and trapezoidal profiles. Also, it is possible to produce as flat panels.
Lengths : The panels might be produced at the maximum transportable lengths.
Thicknesses : Panels are being produced at standart thicknesses of 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 2,5 mm and 3 mm.
Weights : Panel weights vary between 2.300 gr/m2 and 5.000 gr/m2
Surface : When requested the weathering surface of the sheet might be produced as non reflecting.
Pattern : For orders 10.000 sqm and above, requested patterns might be produced.
Transparency: Sheets are produced translucent, semi-translucent or opaque.
KAMUFLAM® panels are resistant to below chemicals:
Acetic Acid 5 % 
Hydrochloric Acid 10 % 
Nitric Acid 10 % 
Sulphuric Acid 30 % 
Etyl Alcohol 95 % 
Benzyl   30 % 
Toluol   30 % 
Carbon Sulphur 30 % 
Note: For chemicals stronger or different than above mentioned ones please contact our marketing department.

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