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Innovative Product of Roof and Wall Cladding Materials; Fiberglass

Innovative Product of Roof and Wall Cladding Materials; Fiberglass Innovative Product of Roof and Wall Cladding Materials; Fiberglass Polser Inc.

Fiberglass glass is formed into small pieces and prepared in different forms for use. Fiberglass, also known as glass fiber, is used as insulation material in the building and construction sectors except for the fibers used in the textile product. Fiberglass is widely used in the construction of plates used in roof and wall coverings. Fiberglass, which is located between the fiber materials, is obtained by sieving the glass which has been melted and cooling.

Fiberglass And Its Use In Construction

As a highly effective insulation material, it allows the buildings to have healthy living spaces. It is also used as a facade and surface finishing material because of its different and effective appearance on the surfaces.

History of Fiberglass

Fiberglass, which has been announcing its name frequently in buildings and construction sector in recent years, has a history dating back many years. Especially fine glass decorations include goblet, vase and various textile products. It is remarkable that during the Renaissance period, vases and goblets were decorated with glass ropes in a very stylish manner. In fact, the production of fiberglass is seen in the 1930s. Afterwards, both production and export have gained speed. The effective use of compressed air has a great influence on the production of fiberglass. This method, which offers mass production opportunities, is effective in export construction and provides more usage.

Use and Advantages of Fiberglass in Roof and Facade Systems

The advantages of being preferred in the construction area are the advantages that it provides. Thanks to its impermeable properties, it is used as a highly effective insulation material. The waterproof property of fiberglass material is effectively utilized in exterior and roof systems. In the same way, the advantages of this feature are also used in areas where indoor installations and water are used extensively. It is used with the feature of shaping in different colors and sizes while it is used in the form of wall cladding. Thus, it is effective in the aesthetics of buildings to have an extremely elegant appearance.

Due to its durable and resilient structure, it also has the ability to protect the wall surface. It provides effective protection of the structure against impacts and impacts. The flexibility of the glass with the fiber feature also provides effective protection against stresses. It is easily used in glass and moldings. Being fire resistant is also highly effective in building buildings as safe areas. Fiberglass applications that function effectively in order to make all buildings ready for use as a healthy and safe living space are also made with special techniques.

In order to benefit from all the features of this product offering great advantages, it is especially important to apply it with the right techniques. In addition to the general architecture of the buildings, it is seen that fiberglass is also used effectively in indoor areas. This makes it possible to use the water in the most ideal way without damaging the structure. Being close to nature and having a durable structure is also the most preferred structure and coating material.

Polser Inc. is a leading fiberglass manufacturer and supplier company in the world, which makes production and development with a quarter of excess experience in roof and facade cladding systems. Turkey is not only for the domestic market, the world's engaged in the production of high quality glass reinforced panels and plates for all countries is a strong company with a very large production capacity. Not only the production capacity, but also with the research and development work that has brought many innovative products to the industry has brought to the construction industry. In this respect, Polser A.Ş. is a trusted and respected Turkish brand among world's fiberglass manufacturers and users.

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