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Firepan Firepan Polser A.Ş.

The first ever single skin FRP fire barrier with BS3d0 (EN 13501) certification.

Approved 20 minutes fire retardancy with high mechanical strength thanks to its 0.27" ( 6.8 mm ) thick reinforced composite structure.

Possibility to produce both as corrugated or flat panel.

High quality standarts achieved on continous production lines.

Possibility to produce seamless long panels.

Could be produced upto 2400 mm widths to make seamless assemblies and/or assemblies with less joints.

  • Light weight compared to equivalent metal and cement based products.
  • Simple to assemble on pultruded, wood or metal structures.
  • Composite product with high level of corrosion and chemical resistance against general corrosion.
  • Easy to drill and cut for further processing on site.
  • Panels could be supplied as predrilled and fabricated with precise dimensions on CNC routers according to client requirements making it it extremely easy to install on site.
  • Very low water absorption percentage.
  • Is not effected by capillarity & frost.
  • No risk of product deterioration due to environmental weathering that happens to fiber reinforced cement fire barriers in case of delayed jobsites.
  • Easy to make fabrications with CNC routers and even with hand tools

Applications of FRP Fire Barriers

  • Cooling Towers
  • Chemical Plants
  • Off Shore Platforms
  • Modern Mining
  • Fire protection of high rise buildings
  • Inserts for producing fire resistant doors


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